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Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary: The True Tale of a Wild West Camel Caballero

With visions of fleet-footed Arabian horses, ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson signs on with the US Army to sail across the sea to acquire animals for military service in the desert Southwest. Too late, he learns it is not horses he is after, but camels. Camels! Rawhide Robinson nearly revolts, but chooses instead to accompany Major Benjamin Wayne to fulfill the mission. Young naval officer Ensign Ian Scott teaches the cowboy seagoing ways while Rawhide Robinson teaches sailors the ways of the West and spins tall tales to relieve boredom. Read more at

​​Rawhide Robinson Rides the Tabby Trail: The True Tale of a Wild West CATastrophe

The cowboy hero originated in Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range rides again in this wild novel. The mining boomtown of Tombstone is overrun with rats so Rawhide Robinson determines to save the day by delivering a herd of cats, which leads to all kinds of adventure. And our hero's penchant for spinning campfire tales cantinues. The novel, published in hardcover by Five Star, won a 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award and was a Finalist for a 2016 Western Writers of America Spur Award. Read more at
Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range:
True Adventures of Bravery and Daring in the Wild West

To hear him tell it, ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson has been involved in all manner of extraordinary events. Around the campfire on a trail drive, he tells his tall tales and you’re invited to ride along and listen in. Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range, published in hard cover by Five Star, won the coveted Spur Award for Best Western Juvenile Novel from Western Writers of America in 2015. Read more at

Cold as the Clay

Power and paranoia affect the lives of many in this novel set on the Fishhook Ranch. Rancher Jesse Longmore takes in young Wilson Hayes, a homeless drifter, whose cowboy skills soon pose a threat to the old man, if only in his mind. Driven from the ranch, Hayes lives the outlaw life before returning to take over the Longmore empire. The basic plot of this novel bears a curious resemblance to a familiar story from the Bible. Cold as the Clay is published by High Hill Press.

The Assassination of Governor Boggs

The Assassination of Governor Boggs, published by Cedar Fort, is a cold-case investigation into the 1842 shooting of Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs. At the time of the crime, suspicion fell on the Mormons, particularly gunman Porter Rockwell. In this novel that weaves historical events with imagination, Pinkerton agent Calvin Pogue follows the evidence from the Pacific Ocean to the banks of the Mississippi, and from the Missouri River to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Along the way, he encounters many of the Old West’s most influential and important characters, and finally conducts a lengthy interview with Rockwell himself. This book was a Finalist for the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Western Novel of 2011. 

Gallows for a Gunman

Gallows for a Gunman tells the story of outlaw Harlow Mackelprang, sentenced to hang come morning, through the eyes of twelve people who knew the criminal in a variety of circumstances. The original Kensington Publishing/Pinnacle Books paperback is hard to come by, but a large print softcover edition from Wheeler Publishing is readily available. When released in 2005, USA Today included Gallows for a Gunman among its “How to Stay Sane on the Plane” selections.