Justice and Mercy

Justice Payne owns a town on an island in a river, and controls all aspects of life in the community as self-appointed judge, mayor, tax collector, and every other position of importance. But Mercy O'Malley, proprietor of the local brothel, just won't go along. She foments a revolt, demanding elections and fair play. Will Justice prevail? Will Mercy? Follow the rollicking conflict through the pages of Justice and Mercy


OUTLAWMAN is based on Matt Warner's own autobiography. Once among the most notorious bandits in the Old West, Warner rode with Butch Cassidy and other famous outlaws. After serving time on overblown charges following a shootout, Warner changed his prison stripes for a badge and served as a town marshal, justice of the peace, and deputy sheriff. In a fictional telling, a mysterious old man tells the outlaw and lawman’s story in a rundown barroom once owned by Warner himself.

Silver Screen Cowboy
Rodeo and ranch cowboy Latigo Brown is lured to Hollywood to work in movies and television. Owing to his abilities horseback and with a rope, he soon finds himself elevated from bit player to bigger roles and bigger paychecks. Then it’s top billing for the befuddled cowboy, and promises to make him the next big cowboy star. Will the allure of stardom and all that comes with it overcome Latigo’s dissatisfaction with how cowboys are portrayed? Ride with Latigo Brown across the silver screen in this exciting adventure. 

​​With a Kiss I Die: A Novel of the
​Massacre at Mountain Meadows

A fictional romance entwined in the tragedy of the historic Massacre at Mountain Meadows, the story features young lovers Polly Alden, a California-bound Arkansas girl, and Tom Langford, a Mormon boy. Torn by disapproval and animosity from both camps in a Romeo and Juliet-like struggle, the couple work to build a life together as tensions build between emigrants and settlers that erupt in unprecedented violence.


Rawhide Robinson Rides a Wormhole: The True Tale of Bravery and Daring in the Weird West

While riding herd on a ranch in the Nevada desert, a lightning strike zaps Rawhide Robinson into the middle of the twentieth century and Area 51, a top-secret experi-mental airbase. Our cowboy escapes the military police, CIA, local law enforce-ment, and Las Vegas mobsters. As always he entertains with his signature tall tales as he wonders if he will ever get out of the modern world and back to the Old West.

Rawhide Robinson has his own web site. Visit RawhideRobinson.com to learn more about him and his adventures

​​​​This Thy Brother
The families you met in Father unto Many Sons return in This Thy Brother as they face the challenges of poverty, discrimination, war, graft, rustlers, romance, and the harsh realities of building a new life in New Mexico. Together, the families work for prosperity while the departed sons turn toward a different future. Will a tenuous foothold in a new land hold firm? Can the broken families survive? Will the prodigal sons return? Seek answers to these and other questions in the pages of This Thy Brother.

All My Sins Remembered
On a lonely road in a remote desert stands a roadhouse. Formerly a home station on a now abandoned stagecoach route, it is the only source of water and supplies for miles. Accommodations are crude and coarse, the hospitality rough and raw, the proprietor boorish and vulgar. Travelers are few and far between, and almost all must stop for water—which comes at a price. A mounted mail carrier comes to believe that for some travelers the roadhouse is the end of the road. 

(In paperback, hardcover, and eBook)

​​​Cold as the Clay
Rancher Jesse Longmore of the Fishhook Ranch takes in young Wilson Hayes, a homeless drifter, whose cowboy skills soon pose a threat to the old man, if only in his mind. Their relationship follows, more or less, the story of King David in the Bible—plenty of heroics, violence, treachery, greed, and romance. All, of course, in an Old West frontier setting. Cold as the Clay, now in a new edition, is available in paperback and ebook.


Father unto Many Sons
Is Lee Pate a man of principle or a misguided dreamer? Without notice, he uproots his family and heads west, then sends his sons back home to Tennessee on a quest that will change the family forever. Following a barely explored trail to Mexico, the travelers face many difficulties, but family struggles prove the most formidable obstacle. Testing the strength of family ties, Father unto Many Sons tells a story as old as time in a new country.

(In paperback, hardcover, and eBook)

And the River Ran Red

On January 29, 1863, US Army troops attacked a Shoshoni village, killing some three hundred men, women, and children. This all-but-forgotten massacre stands today as the worst killing of Indians by the military in the history of the American West. In a fictional telling of the historic tragedy, And the River Ran Red dramatizes events leading up to the massacre, and illuminates the slaughter and its aftermath.

Pinebox Collins

Jonathon “Pinebox” Collins is an itinerant, one-legged undertaker who wanders the Old West practicing The Dismal Trade. He sets up shop in cow towns, railroad towns, mining boomtowns, and growing cities. Along the way, he crosses paths with some of the frontier’s most interesting and influential characters, including several encounters with “Wild Bill” Hickok.

(In paperback, hardcover, and ebook)

Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range

To hear him tell it, ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson has been involved in all manner of extraordinary events. Around the campfire on a trail drive, he tells his tall tales and you’re invited to ride along and listen in. Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range, published in hard cover by Five Star, won the coveted Spur Award for Best Western Juvenile Novel from Western Writers of America in 2015.

(in paperback, hardcover, and ebook)
Rawhide Robinson has his own web site. Visit RawhideRobinson.com to learn more about him and his adventures.

Rawhide Robinson Rides the Tabby Trail
Winner of the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award and Finalist for the Western Writers of America Spur Award. 
The mining boomtown of Tombstone, way out in Arizona Territory, is overrun with rats with no relief in sight. Rawhide Robinson determines to save the day by delivering a herd of cats—but getting them there proves to be quite an adventure. 
(In paperback, hardcover, and ebook)
Rawhide Robinson has his own web site. Visit RawhideRobinson.com to learn more about him and his adventures.

Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary: The True Tale of a Wild West Camel Caballero

An unknowing and unwilling Rawhide Robinson sails across the sea to help the United States Army acquire camels for military service in the desert Southwest. On the high seas, he spins tales for the sailors, and shares many an adventure in exotic ports of call. Back in America, the ungainly camels cause nothing but upheaval, and scorn from Army and civilian packers. 

(In paperback, hardcover, and ebook)

Rawhide Robinson has his own web site. Visit RawhideRobinson.com to learn more about him and his adventures.

​​A Thousand Dead Horses 

Based on a historic horse-stealing adventure, follow a band of Mountain Men, Ute Indians, and young Daniel Boone Trewick as they take the Old Spanish Trail to California and, in a series of coordinated raids, steal some 3,000 horses and mules from California ranches and missions. Pursued by a posse, parched and exhausted, many horses are lost in the wilds of the Mojave Desert.

(In paperback, hardcover, and ebook)

The Assassination of Governor Boggs
The Assassination of Governor Boggs, published by Cedar Fort, is a cold-case investigation into the 1842 shooting of Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs. At the time of the crime, suspicion fell on the Mormons, particularly gunman Porter Rockwell. In this novel that weaves historical events with imagination, Pinkerton agent Calvin Pogue follows the evidence from the Pacific Ocean to the banks of the Mississippi, and from the Missouri River to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Along the way, he encounters many of the Old West’s most influential and important characters, and finally conducts a lengthy interview with Rockwell himself.

Gallows for a Gunman
Gallows for a Gunman tells the story of outlaw Harlow Mackelprang, sentenced to hang come morning, through the eyes of twelve people who knew the criminal in a variety of circumstances. The original Kensington Publishing/Pinnacle Books paperback is hard to come by, but a large print softcover edition from Wheeler Publishing is readily available. When released in 2005, USA Today included Gallows for a Gunman among its “How to Stay Sane on the Plane” selections.


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